No Gold


From Kraut grooves to ritualistic incantations, minimalist repetitions to pop songwriting, Vancouver trio No Gold is a compelling combination of flavors. With a nuanced attention to detail, in both performance and recording, Jack Jutson, Ian Wyatt, and Liam Butler create as much space for experimentation as for pure dance-ability.

The band began as an attempt to sweat out toxins in the crowded illegal basement venues of Vancouver with bright, wide and fast pop music. During this time they released a 7″ with Vancouver boutique label The Broadway to Boundary.

Experiments in electronic based sets as part of a series of renegade outdoor shows (organized by spiritual band brothers Basketball), has led to a collision of samples and synth pads with bass, guitar, and drums informed by Can, Arthur Russell, Terry Riley & Larry Heard.

Recorded in their Chinatown studio in the dead of summer, their self-titled debut was released in February 2011 on Unfamiliar Records.

No Gold is unclassifiably brilliant.” – Exclaim