Evy Jane

At the tender age of six and a bit, Evy Jane composed her first song – “Running Away” – a soundtrack to accompany her as she packed her favourite pig figurine, two cassette tapes and an apple, and disappeared off into the forest. 15 years later, Evy Jane has emerged with a sound both broad and experimental – sometimes steeped in RnB and Gospel, sometimes leaning more towards industrial psych-pop.

Currently collaborating with Vancouver producer Jeremiah Klein (Basketball, phōwa), her music owes as much to the spaced-out melancholy of Hope Sandoval or the catchy hooks of Mariah Carey, as it does to the haunted dubscapes of Burial or the sedated ballads of Nicolas Jaar.  Quirky, clever, but unashamedly rooted in hook-heavy pop, Evy Jane gets away with being so effin’ overdramatic because her tongues are all in her cheeks