Thomas Aston

For the better part of the past decade, Thomas Aston has been tirelessly writing, producing and performing in the acoustic guitar-based singer/songwriter circuits of Montreal and Toronto.  During that time he released two EP’s and numerous singles which were met with a strong positive response from the community.  Thomas gradually became ‘cured’ of this acoustic ethos and began incorporating electronic and dance elements into his songwriting whilst remaining faithful to the clear and honest vocals which dominated his earlier work.

Thomas’ captivating genre-defying sound employs an array of effects processors, pedals, loopers, synthesizers and a slew of midi-based software controllers spanning well over ten years of developments in music technology (including a half-charred effects processor which caught fire a few years back…).  Working both the minds and bodies of his audience, Thomas’ anti-traditional combination and use of technology coupled with his stubborn focus on live production and electronics, using minimal sampling, has become the underlying spirit of his artistic vision and sets him apart from most contemporary electronic musicians.